It all started with Rory

So I’m still thinking about my Grandma which leads me to write about being a Grandma.
It all started on a hot day in July when Megan & Greg told me they were pregnant I was stunned. I remember thinking is he ready for this… But that’s for another day. So I started buying & reading up on the newest baby things I was excited I missed having a baby around. & then one day my daughter calls they have decided to induce… The worry soon turns to terror as my Mom & I stand in front of the “bun warmer” & watch the Dr work on this baby. He’s pinks up I cry tears of happiness. That’s how it all started the love,worry & protection that I still feel today. And this baby.. My Grandson My light & love My Rory is perfect words fail me to explain what I feel… In one second that day a blessing was born that is beyond any I have ever felt. My baby is now 3 & the joy I feel as he runs to my arms screaming “Grandma I missed you”even though its just been a couple days makes everything brighter. I adore him & he adores me. Its different being a Grandma instead of a Mom you see all the things you missed with your own you are so aware that they will be grown & gone in a blink of a eye You know the mistakes that you made. You know time is meant to be enjoyed All lifes troubles can wait. The sun the moon & the stars are all hung in the sky for you to sit & enjoy them with this little miracle,sticky from a ice cream you just shared. It all started with Rory but didn’t end there we have added Emma Devron & Ellianna in the last 3 years each a beautiful ray of light to brighten our life. I can’t explain the love I feel for each of them the joy they have brought to us. They are blessings that I thank God for. I’m honored to be their Grandma. And I never will forget it all started one Feb day when a beautiful baby boy,Gregory Troy ” Rory” & one Grandma was born.Image